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Plant from South West
Installation of Ground Drainage
Laying the road foundations
Laying Rainwater Drains
Piling for Coal Preparation Building
RHF & GHS Foundations
Draw Point Under Mega Silo
Installation of Drop-Out Boxes
Hearth Completed
RHF Hearth
Gas Handling System
Mega Silo
Dried Briquetting Silos
HZO Silo
CBQ Tower
Coal Plant
Mega Silo
Feed Preparation Buildings
Water Recycling Plant
Coal Preparation Plant
CBQ Tower
GHS Area
EAFD Silos
Briquetting Tower
Coal Preparation Plant
Dried Briquetting Storage
Feed preparation Area
GHS Area
HZO Area
Sampling Area
Nitrogen Area
Dried Briquette Storage
Water Treatment Area
Zinc Product Storage
Overview of feeding area
EAFD Briquetting Area
Coal Preparation Area
Gas Handling Area
Mega Silo
EAFD Checking Radioactivity
Mega Silo
Water Treatment Area
EAFD Unloading Bays
Unloading EAFD
First EAFD enters main gate
Main Gate and Sampling Station
GHS Area 2
Mega Silo
HBI Tower
GHS Area
DBQ Tower
DBQ & Dryer
Coal Plant
CBQ Tower
Sampling Station
EAFD unloading area
Multi-element analysis
HZO Silos
Energy and zinc recovery
Control Room Operator
Gas Analysis
Operation Staff
Plant from North West
Recording analytical results
Sample Analysis
ZHBI Storage
Zinc Analysis
DRI First Production
First DRI
Phillip Wattel
First Briquette