ZincOx believes that the Full Cycle technology presents the most attractive treatment technology for processing Electric Arc Furnace Dust. Because of its environmental and economic superiority, Full Cycle technology should enable ZincOx to offer a very attractive and sustainable solution to the problem of EAFD disposal.

In recent years the zinc price has been strong and steel mills have frequently been paid for their EAFD. However EAFD treatment companies have been unwilling to enter into long term contracts lest a fall in the zinc price renders their operations uneconomic. Steel mills must, therefore, continuously renegotiate offtake arrangements.

ZincOx is able to enter long term contracts that guarantee offtake under any zinc price and at the same time offers mills a share of the upside in times of high zinc prices. In this way ZincOx is effectively sharing the benefit of the greater revenue generated by the full recycling of the waste.

ZincOx offer steel mills a full and simple service that takes care of the dust problem and at the same time guarantees that the mill never has to pay a disposal fee, in effect it transform their waste into a resource, from liability to profit centre.