The unusual nature of the oxide materials that form the focus of ZincOx’s activities has required a major research effort, largely undertaken in-house. In addition, the company has established research partnerships and specific contracts with a number of international research organisations, commercial laboratories and university departments.

ZincOx has built up an experienced staff of highly qualified consulting engineers. The activities of the research engineers are supported by a dedicated team of technical staff.

Continuous Leach Trials

The company has worked closely with Centre Terre et Pierre, a Belgian metallurgical and materials beneficiation laboratory. ZincOx has the capacity for the full spectrum of metallurgical activities. The technical team has built up various complex and detailed computer simulation programmes that, together with laboratory confirmatory work, enable the company to predict the performance of various metallurgical processes.

Activities include:-

  • Analysis
  • Materials characterization
  • Bench scale tests
  • Hydrometallurgical processes
  • Pyrometallurgical processes
  • Production of added value products
  • Pilot Operations
  • Product Testing