Should you wish to buy or sell ZincOx Resources shares, please register with Asset Match at

Asset Match provides a market platform for existing ZincOx shareholders to partially or fully realise the value of their share capital and also facilitates the purchase of ZincOx shares for new and existing investors.

In order to trade shares, you will need to use a stockbroker. If you already have a stockbroker you can continue to trade shares through them. However, many people who trade shares on Asset Match do so through The Share Centre, one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers. They will be able to help you buy, sell and monitor the value of your shares and keep up to date on Company announcements. Alternatively, if you hold a share certificate and wish to sell this can be done direct with Asset Match.

The Asset Match website shows bids to buy shares and offers to sell, with the share price set at each monthly auction by calculating the single price at which sell side supply and buy side demand meet.

ASSET MATCH: The next auction will close at 4pm on Wednesday, 29 July 2020.

This information was last updated on 24 June 2020.


ZincOx Resources Limited has 127,648,314 issued shares which can be traded via Asset Match ( There are no restrictions on the transfer of ZincOx shares.

The Company has the following options and warrants in issue:

21,630,000;exercise price 1.6p, expiry 30 June 2026

19,500,000; exercise price 1p, expiry 30 April 2022

ZincOx has been notified that the following shareholdings exceed 3% of the issued share capital:

SR Global Fund LP:                            16.51%
Harold N. McCawley:                            8.16%
Andrew C. Woollett:                              6.09%
Ian Tanner:                                            4.31%
Graham N. Hazell:                                4.08%
Teck Resources Limited:                      3.96%

This information was last updated on 30 April 2020