Corporate Governance
In pursuing its corporate objective ZincOx is committed to high standards of corporate governance and the Board seeks to comply with the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”), insofar as it is appropriate to the Company at this stage of its development. The Committee reports, page 8 of the Annual Report & Accounts 2017, identify how ZincOx has complied with both the individual principles and the ‘spirit’ of the Code as a whole.

ZincOx is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom and, therefore, subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Environmental Superiority

ZincOx is committed to the proper stewardship of the earth’s natural resources and the environment and to carrying out all its activities in a socially responsible manner, as it sees its own long-term success being directly related to the adherence to these principles. It fully accepts and encourages the employment and improvement of the local communities in which the group operates so that they are left as both short and long term beneficiaries of ZincOx’s operations. Their policy includes the following values:

      1.Treating all parties with equity and respect;
      2.Promoting transparent business relationships;
      3.Understanding and respecting the rights of indigenous peoples to retain their culture, identity, customs and traditions; and developing self reliability through education and training.

ZincOx recognises that sound environmental management is essential for its long term aims and ambitions. Understanding, minimising and mitigating environmental impacts, as well as using all resources prudently and efficiently, is critically important to ZincOx.

The ZincOx recycling process is environmentally superior to existing alternatives in three respects: 1. No waste creation 2. High recovery – almost 100% recycling of zinc and lead and over 90% recovery of iron. 3. Produces less carbon emissions than traditional technologies.

In 2007 the company’s efforts were recognised when it was awarded the Mining Journal’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Sustainable Development.

In October 2012 ZincOx received a Commendation Award by the South Korean Minister of Knowledge Economy.