There are several ways in which the ZincOx approach using the RHF is environmentally superior to existing practices

      1. Removes any requirement for landfil
      2. No waste generated
      3. High recovery of zinc (>97%)
      4. High recovery of lead (>97%)
      5. High recovery of iron (>85%), balance of iron refers to slag that can be used in building aggregate.
      6. Preserves valuable finite natural resources
      7. High energy efficiency
      8. Lower carbon footprint
      9. Meets highest emission standards

Considerable effort has been taken in the design of the plant so as to create a clean working environment that in turn will prevent any fugitive emissions from the plant site so that operations will present no threat to the surrounding environment. Some of these design features are described on the schematic opposite.


The picture of the plant below is based on the engineering drawings and it highlights some of the measures designed to prevent emissions:

Korean Recycling Project [click here to enlarge]

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