A basic engineering and costing exercise, KRP, was completed in September 2010, the latter, was substantially the work of Xmetech, a Korean engineering company with considerable experience in zinc processing and the development of zinc plants. Xmetech was formerly the engineering arm of Korea Zinc.

In January 2010, the Company had purchased from Severstal a steel waste recycling plant (WORF) near Detroit. The WORF included various pieces of equipment that are being used in Korea, including a rotary hearth furnace, briquetters and mixers. The equipment had been diligently maintained and was in excellent condition. The projected capital expenditure for the project was reduced significantly by the use of this equipment.

The WORF RHF was dismantled in December 2010 and was modified and refurbished prior to its transportation to Korea in May 2011. Other equipment was removed and refurbished by manufacturers prior to shipment to Korea.

In October 2010, Xmetech was appointed as EPCM contractors for the development of Phase 1. Detailed engineering was completed by the end of January. Ground breaking took place on 10th March. Cold commissioning commenced at the end of 2011 with production in April 2012.



Pictures of the site may be viewed in the photo gallery.

At the design stage considerable effort was taken to ensure environmental protection and equipment were selected so as to create the most secure working environment. This design will ensure that all materials will be carefully controlled and handled so that there will not be harmful airborne emissions from the plant. (See section on Environmental Superiority in About Us.)

An animation on the flow sheet is given in About Us – Process Flow Sheet